First Podcast Trailer

The first trailer to the podcast marketing comic. Also, on Podcast page on the upper right corner of the header.

Episode 1: Origins Cynan Podcast

The first episode of the indie-comic broadcast. An introduction and inspirations that encouraged me to publish my own book yet what comes next!
  1. Episode 1: Origins
  2. First Trailer
  3. Issue 1 Available on Amazon! (Anchor Trailer)

Issue 1 Available on Amazon!

Conjured from an egg by a clerk, Naomi and her husband Walter Mildred, a weredog named Samuel discovers his courage and swiftness.

Armed with only an enchanted cutlass sword and bolas at their disposal. Naomi and Walter accumulate their bravery. The Mildreds’ conflict continues in their environment – all while battling Solfs and her employer’s nefarious chart: