Comic Page – UPDATE



Update 7/2/19: Made a copy and first time using highly recommended Prismacolor markers. Some staining problems but coming out well.

Update 8/15/19: Back to coloring.

Update 7/17/19: Spooky Uplit Shadows.

Update 7/20/19: More shadows and coloring window lights.

Update 7/22/19: Colored borders and gutters black to enhance the mood.

Update 7/30/19: Made building on the second thug on the right side blue next to purple setting Brickfield City at night.

NOTE: Comics in the 80s used shades of blue/purple to illustrate nightime.

Highlight triangle shapes architecture in red against green which are opposites on the color wheel.

Update 8/1/19: “Almost there.” – Garven Dreis, Star Wars.

Update 8/4/19: Finished.

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